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EP325B integrado polos

Información básica

Modelo: EP12/1250-25B

Descripción del producto

Tipo de producto: EP12/1250-25B

1.Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
2.Rated Maximum Line to Line Voltage 12kV,r.m.s
3.Rated Power Frequency Withstand Voltage:Air  48kV,r.m.s
4.Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage:Air 95kV,Peak
5.Rated Normal Current 1250A
6.Rated Short-Circuit Current(3Phase Symmetrical Basis) 25kA,r.m.s
7.Percentage D.C. Component of Rated S.C. Breaking Current  50%
8.Rated Short-Circuit Making Current 63kA,Peak
9.Rated Duration of Short Time Current 3s
10.Rated Short Time Withstand Current  25kA,r.m.s
11.Rated Peak Withstand Current  63kA,r.m.s
12.Maximum Contact Resistance at Minimum Closing Force 20Micro ohms
13.Capacitor Switching Capacity(Single Bank) 400A,r.m.s
1.Contact Force from Atmospheric Pressure 19.8kgF
1.Contact Stroke 91 mm
2.Opening Speed(average of 75 contact gap) 0.9-1.3m/Sec
3.Maximum Overtravel During Opening 2mm
4.Maximun Rebound During Opening 2mm
5.Closing Speed(average of last 30% contact gap) 0.4-0.8m/Sec
6.Maximum Contact Bounse Duration(with maximum 2 bounces) 0.002Sec
7.Rated Contact Compressive Force      230-260kgF
1.Electrical Life at Rated Normal Current 30,000Operations
2.Electrical Life at Rated Short Circuit Current 50Operations
3.Mechanical Life 30,000Operations
4.Contact Erosion Limit 3mm
5.Shelf Life 30Years

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